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of Spain, at Bayonne, and by the duke of Alvas persecutions of the reformed church of the Netherlandsa daughter-church of Geneva, like their own. In this same year (1537) John Calvin at Geneva published his catechism for children. He died at Geneva on the 15th of April 1894. 4. The Radical government enacted severe laws as to the Romanists in Geneva, and gave privileges to the Christian Catholic Church, which, organized in 1874 in Switzerland, had absorbed the community founded at Geneva by Pere Hyacinthe, an ex-Carmelite friar. The fifteen condemnatory clauses, prefacing the sentence at Geneva, set forth in detail that he was guilty of heresies, blasphemously expressed, against the foundation of the Christian religion. They are as follows: (i.) bis Ende Juli 1855 (Geneva, 1855); and Aus meinen Erinnerungen (translated from the Hungarian, Zurich, 1887). During Calvin's absence disorder and irreligion had prevailed in Geneva. The Aldine (Venice, 1516) was unfortunately based on a very corrupt MS. The peace of St Julien (2 ist of July 1603) marked the final defeat of the duke of Savoy in the long struggle waged (since 1290) by his house against thecity of Geneva. In the end the Geneva tribunal made an award requiring the payment by Great Britain to the United States of a sum of about £3,000,000. He had begun his career as a clerk in the French Home Office, but at the outbreak of the Franco-German War he was editing Les Droits de l'homme at Montpellier, and had to take refuge at Geneva in 1871 from a prosecution instituted on account of articles which had appeared in his paper in defence of the Commune. Thus 1530 marks the date at which Geneva became its own mistress within, while allied externally with the Swiss confederation. He was disgusted with the brutality of English manners, which he paints in no flattering colours, and he found pedantry and superstition as rampant in Oxford as in Geneva. As for himself, he looked about for a place where he could combine the social liberty of France with the political liberty of Geneva, and he found one. Junejo also signed the Geneva Accord, which Zia greatly disliked. Reagan spoke to those hopes in a nationally televised address on the eve of his departure for, 29. 2. Disappointed in his early hope of entering the navy, he became apprentice to an apothecary in his native town; but seeing little prospect of advancement in that calling, he soon moved to Geneva (in 1816). in the " argument " prefixed to them in the Geneva Bible; in the Sixth Article of the Church of England, where it is said that " the other books the church doth read for example of life and instruction of manners," though not to establish doctrine; and elsewhere. Chris Edmonds: We're not going to do that, geneva Convention affords only name, rank and serial number, and so that's what we're going to do. Owing to certain circumstances in its past history, Geneva was notoriously immoral. The Christian Catholic Church is also "established" at Geneva (since 1873) and is governed by the conseil superieur, composed of 25 lay members and 5 clerics. (Systematique des vis horlogeres, Thury (Geneva, 1878). Though the people of Geneva had cast off the obedience of Rome, it was largely a political revolt against the duke of Savoy, and they were still (says Beza) "but very imperfectly enlightened in divine knowledge; they had as yet hardly emerged from the filth of the papacy.". In 1541 he was induced with great difficulty to surrender once more his hopes of leading the quiet life of a scholar, and to return again to Geneva (September 1541), where he spent the remaining twenty-three years of his life. He embraced the reformed religion, and in 1579 left Paris, where his abilities and connexions promised a brilliant career, to establish himself at Geneva. ); and Histoire de la Reformation en Europe au temps de Calvin (8 vols., 1862-1877). Bernese Oberland (from the Lake of Geneva to the Furka, the Reuss Valley and the Lake of Lucerne). On the 10th of August 1 535 the Protestant faith was formally adopted by Geneva, but an offer of help from France having been refused, as the city was unwilling to give up any of its sovereign rights, the duke's party continued its intrigues. It is the junction of the railway lines from Geneva, from Brieg and the Simplon, from Fribourg and Bern, and from Vallorbe (for Paris). In Geneva especially his religious views and tendencies were turned in the direction of mysticism. 1. In fact, up to Lyons, the Rhone (save when it expands into the Lake of Geneva) is a huge and very unruly mountain torrent rather than a great European river. 2. Lombard, Pauliciens, Bulgares et Bons-hommes (Geneva, 1879); Episcopul Melchisedek, Lipovenismul, pp. In1678-1679he spent some time at Grenoble as tutor in a private family; on his return to Geneva he passed his examinations and received ordination. The United Nations Secretary-General has called upon the United States to uphold the Geneva Convention in its handling of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. The Order of Excommunication and of Public Repentance; (x.) Geneva has a public library, a city hospital and hygienic institute. Of a retiring, meditative disposition, Jacobi associated himself at Geneva mainly with the literary and scientific circle of which the most prominent member was Lesage. With this he marched to Geneva, destroyed the bridge over the Rhone, fortified the left bank of the river, and forced the Helvetii to follow the right bank. The son was brought up in Utica, studied in1824-1825at Geneva Academy (afterwards Hobart College), and then at a military school in Middletown, Conn., and was admitted to the bar in 1832. In 1860, when the annexation of Savoy and Nice had led the Genevese to fear French aggression, de la Rive was sent by his fellow-citizens on a special embassy to England, and succeeded in securing a declaration from the English government, which was communicated privately to that of France, that any attack upon Geneva would be regarded as a cases belli. An order of Ecclesiastical Discipline; (ix.) At Geneva are three large collections - Augustin Pyrame de Candolle's, containing the typical specimens of the Prodromus, a large series of monographs of the families of flowering plants, Benjamin Delessert's fine series at the Botanic Garden, and the Boissier Herbarium, which is rich in Mediterranean and Oriental plants. After studying theology in Geneva, Leiden and France, he became pastor of the Italian congregation in Geneva in 1647; after a brief pastorate at Lyons he again returned to Geneva as professor of theology in 1653, having modestly declined a professorship of philosophy in 1650. He was also the author of volumes entitled De satisfactione Christi disputationes (Geneva, 1666) and De necessaria secessione nostra ab ecclesia romana (Geneva, 1687). Tyndale s, Matthew's, Coverdale's, Whitchurch's, Geneva. These struggles constitute the entire political history of Geneva up to about 1535, when a new epoch of unrest opens with the adoption of Protestantism. Of recent years its prosperity has diminished greatly, so that the watchmaking and jewelry trades in 1902 numbered respectively but 38 and 32 of the 394 establishments in Geneva which were subject to the factory laws. Perez, Relaciones (Geneva, 1654), pp. 2. In 1888 the Smith Observatory was built at Geneva, being maintained by William Smith, and placed in charge of Dr William Robert Brooks, professor of astronomy in Hobart College. Gebenna, though Genava in good Latin), a city and canton of Switzerland, situated at the extreme south-west corner both of the country and of the Lake of Geneva or Lake Leman. Arminius, fresh from Geneva, familiar with the dialectics of Beza, appeared to many the man able to speak the needed word, and so, in 1589, he was simultaneously invited by the ecclesiastical court of Amsterdam to refute Coornhert, and by Martin Lydius, professor at Franeker, to combat the two infralapsarian ministers of Delft. The names of the Faires of Scotland; (iii.) Their chief towns were Vienna (Vienne), Genava (Geneva) and Cularo (afterwards Gratianopolis, whence Grenoble). Dunant, Les Relations politiques de Geneve avec Berne et les Suisses, de 1536 d 1564 (Geneva, 1894); Documents de l'Escalade de Geneve (Geneva, 1903); G. Boissonnas, La Campagne genevoise d'apres nature (Geneva, 1899), and Geneve a travers les siecles (Geneva, 1900); H. Fazy, Histoire de Geneve a l'epoque de l'Escalade, 1598-1603 (Geneva, 1902), and Les Constitutions de la Republique de Geneve (to 1847) (Geneva, 1890); J. Galiffe, Geneve historique et archeologique (2 vols., Geneva, 1869-1872); J. Jullien, Histoire de Geneve (new ed., Geneva, 1889); C. Martin, La Maison de Ville de Geneve (Geneva, 1906); Memoires et documents (publ. The severity of the Geneva merchant in business matters has become proverbial. It rises at the upper or eastern extremity of the Swiss canton of the Valais, flows between the Bernese Alps (N.) and the Lepontine and Pennine Alps (S.) till it expands into the Lake of Geneva, winds round the southernmost spurs of the Jura range, receives at Lyons its principal tributary, the Saline, and then turns southward through France till, by many mouths, it enters that part of the Mediterranean which is rightly called the Golfe du Lion (sometimes wrongly the Gulf of Lyons). The first substantial improvements in the text were due to Casaubon (Geneva, 1587; Paris, 1620), whose text remained the basis of subsequent editions till that of Coraes (Paris, 1815-1819), who removed many corruptions. 37 people chose this as the best definition of geneva: Hollands.... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. The conclusion at Geneva was to be misinterpreted, if not misunderstood, for years to come. Most of the fresh evidence is given in La Notion de l'&re supreme chez les peuples non-civilises, by Rene Hoffmann (Geneva, 1907). a Franciscan 1 This date rests on his own testimony (both at Vienna and Geneva) and that of Calvin. It was a struggle between the thoroughgoing humanistic reformer who drew his creed solely from the "word of God" and the merely semi-Protestant reformer who looked on the old creed as a priceless heritage. Geneva, however, with its most distinguished of Protestant theologians, became a school of Protestantism, which sent its trained men into the Netherlands, England and Scotland, and especially across the border into France. He accepted, and resigned his professorship. He did not appear to be referring to the Geneva Conventions. In a synod held at Bern the matter was fully discussed, when a verdict was given in favour of the Geneva divines, and Caroli deposed from his office and banished. The council of Geneva had joined in the condemnation of Emile, and Rousseau first solemnly renounced his citizenship, and then, in the Lettres de la montagne (1763), attacked the council and the Genevan constitution unsparingly. In the summer he went to Plombieres, and after returning to Colmar for some time journeyed in the beginning of winter to Lyons, and thence in the middle of December to Geneva. He then moved to Veytaux, on the shore of the Lake of Geneva, where he continued to reside till the fall of the empire. 212+4 sentence examples: 1. FRANCIS (FRANCois) OF Sales, St (1567-1622), bishop of Geneva and doctor of the Church (1877), was born at the castle of Sales, near Annecy, Savoy. 3. He took part in the various expeditions against the kingdom of Burgundy, and in 534 received as his share of the spoils of that kingdom the towns of Macon, Geneva and Lyons. Meanwhile Bern had declared war on the duke of Savoy, and had not only conquered a great part of the Pays de Vaud, including the important town of Lausanne, but had enabled Geneva to win its complete independence. Concerning the election and duties of Ministers, Elders and Deacons, and Superintendent; (viii.) Again, in1616-1618appeared a reissue of the folio German edition of 1603, and finally in 1658 came the Geneva Latin version, in three volumes folio, edited by Bitiskius. But in 1775 he resigned this position also, and passed his time with various friends in Geneva and Vaud, engaged in carrying his historical scheme into effect. In 1434 he retired to the hermitage of Ripaille on the Lake of Geneva, but continued to conduct the chief affairs of the state and to mediate between foreign Powers, leaving matters of less importance to his son Louis. The Form of Marriage; (xvi.) The Psalms of David; (xix.) After seventeen months he resumed his former religion, and, to avoid persecution, fled to Geneva, where he became acquainted with Cartesianism. In 1532 William Farel, a Protestant preacher from Dauphine, who had converted Vaud, &c., to the new belief, first came to Geneva and settled there in 1533. In 1377 it was sacked by Cardinal Robert of Geneva (afterwards Clement VII., antipope). Hymns - metrical versions of the Decalogue, Magnificat, Apostles' Creed, &c.; (xxi.) In youth he travelled, studying at Venice and Padua, and at Geneva coming under the influence of the reformed faith as represented by Calvin. Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact. He was the son of Charles Gaspard de la Rive (1770-1834), who studied medicine at Edinburgh, and after practising for a few years in London, became professor of pharmaceutical chemistry at the academy of Geneva in 1802 and rector in 1823. The Visitation of the Sick; (xi.) click for more sentences of geneva … On the return journey he halted at Geneva, then at a crisis of political and religious strife. Example sentences for: geneva How can you use “geneva” in a sentence? His opposition to 'the philosophes had its strongest expressions in Fanatisme des philosophes (Geneva and Paris, 1764) and Histoire des revolutions de l'empire romain (Paris, 1766-1768). The men whom he trained at Geneva carried his principles into almost every country in Europe, and in varying degree these principles did much for the cause of civil liberty. JEAN HENRI MERLE D AUBIGNE' (1794-1872), Swiss Protestant divine and historian, was born on the 16th of August 1794, at Eaux Vives, near Geneva. There is more than one meaning of Geneva discussed in the 1911 Encyclopedia. sentence examples. Sails on Lake Geneva are also enjoyable. Many international conferences are held in Geneva. In the two winters of 1814-1816 he ministered to the English congregation at Geneva, and from 1816 to 1821 was curate of Highclere, Hampshire. Lombard, Pauliciens bulgares et Bons-Hommes (Geneva, 1879); Fredericq, Corpus documentorum haer. Under pressure from the president, on the ground that Sumner was no longer on speaking terms with the secretary of state, he was deposed on the 10th of March 1871 from the chairmanship of the committee on foreign relations, in which he had served with great distinction and effectiveness throughout the critical years since 1861. committed frightful atrocities in Romagna, their captains were bribed by the republic not to molest its territory. On the same day he wrote to Guillaume Farel, " si venerit, modo valeat mea autoritas, vivum exire nunquam patiar," and to Pierre Viret in the same terms. The bishop's see of Geneva was transferred hither in 1535, after the Reformation, but suppressed in 1801, though revived in 1822. Perhaps the most important of all early editions were those of Robert Etienne, or Stephanus, of Paris and afterwards of Geneva. He spent eight years of his early youth with his father in Paris and Geneva, and in 1850 graduated at New York University. In the "Reformed" Churches the minister wears the black "Geneva" gown with bands. city in SW Switzerland, on Lake Geneva: pop. Most probably Geneva would soon have become an integral part of the realms of the house of Savoy had it not been for the appearance of a new protector on the scene - the Swiss confederation. de Gasparin, Des Tables tournantes, du Surnaturel, &c. (Paris, 1854); Thury, Des Tables tournantes (Geneva, 1855) Faraday's letter on Table-turning in The Times, 30th June 1853. He studied classical languages at Saumur and afterwards theology at Geneva. But although Bern supported the Reform, Fribourg did not, and in 1534 withdrew from its alliance with Geneva, while directly afterwards the duke of Savoy made a fresh attempt to seize the city. These are the Klippen, and they are especially important in the Chablais and between the Lakes of Geneva and Thun. He left Quintana, visited Lyons and Geneva, repaired to Oecolampadius at Basel, and pushed on to Bucer and Capito at Strassburg. The Manner of Burial; (xii.) By his alliance with the Grisons (1603) he guaranteed the integrity of the Valtellina, the natural approach to Lombardy for the imperial forces; and by his intimate union with Geneva he controlled the routes by which the Spaniards could reach their hereditary possessions in Franche-Comt and the Low Countries from Italy. 5. 5. In addition to the books already named, he wrote Italian expositions of Romans (Geneva, 1545) and Galatians (Augsburg, 1546). In Geneva his progress was arrested, and his resolution to pursue the quiet path of studious research was dispelled by what he calls the "formidable obtestation" of Guillaume Fare1.2. Through the intervention of the government of Bern, liberty of worship was granted on the 28th of March 1533 to the Reformation party in Geneva. In 1847 he became professor of zoology at Giessen, and in 1852 professor of geology and afterwards also of zoology at Geneva, where he died on the 5th of May 1895. So why is it acknowledged that the Geneva Motor Show is the most important event in the automotive calendar? of France, to forbid French merchants to attend the fairs of Geneva, altering also the days of the fairs at Lyons (established in 1 4 20 and increased in number in 1463) so as to make them clash with those fixed for the fairs of Geneva. Early in 1774, on the advice of his friend Charles Victor de Bonstetten, he gave up this post and became tutor in the Tronchin family at Geneva. After withdrawing to Fondi to reconsider the election, the cardinals finally resolved to regard Urban as an intruder and the Holy See as still vacant, and an almost unanimous vote was given in favour of Robert of Geneva (loth of September 1378), who took the name of Clement VII. 0. The two towns also, by the decision given as arbitrators at Payerne (30th December 1530), upheld their alliance with Geneva, condemned the duke to pay all the expenses of the war, and confirmed the clause as to their right to occupy Vaud; they also surrounding the exercise of the powers of vidomne by the duke with so many restrictions that in 1532 the duke, after much resistance, formally agreed to recognize the alliance of Geneva with the two towns and not to annoy the Genevese any more. JACQUES NECKER (1732-1804), French statesman, finance minister of Louis XVI., was born at Geneva in Switzerland. Lenfant at Geneva in 1685; English trans. The fully illustrated catalogue acknowledges the cooperation of Galerie Jan Krugier of Geneva. It is said that Conrad granted the temporal sovereignty of the city to the bishop, who, in 1162, was raised to the rank of a prince of the Holy Roman Empire, being elected, from 1215, by the chapter, but, after 1418, named directly by the pope himself. There he met other Swiss, among them Marat and Etienne Dumont, but their schemes for a new Geneva in Ireland - which the government favoured - were given up when Necker came to power in France, and Claviere, with most of his comrades, went to Paris. On the 10th of February 1829 he suffered a second attack of paralysis which rendered his right side quite powerless, but under the care of his brother, Dr John Davy (1791-1868), he rallied sufficiently to be removed to Geneva, where he died on the 29th of May. Learn the translation for ‘geneva’ in LEO’s English ⇔ German dictionary. At the third Congress in 1905 it led to the formation of two parties, the Bolsheviks meeting in London, and the Mensheviks in Geneva. One hundred and twenty-seven pastors had been sent to France from Geneva before 1567. He was a member of the Imperial War Cabinet and Imperial War Conference, 1918; Canadian Government representative at the International Labour Conference at Washington, 1919; and a Canadian delegate to the first assembly of the League of Nations at Geneva, 1920. John Knox, who, after a chequered career, had come under the influence of Calvin at Geneva, returned to Scotland for a few months in 1 555, and shortly after (1557) that part of the Scottish nobility which had been won over to the new faith formed their first " covenant " for mutual protection. An intergovernmental conference is being held in, 18. While at Geneva he taught a blind girl several branches of science, and also how to write; and this led him to publish A Method of Teaching Mathematics to the Blind. Servetus at Geneva makes Villanueva his birthplace, assigning it to the adjoining diocese of Lerida. Early in 1873 the pope named him "vicar apostolic of Geneva," but he was expelled a few weeks later from Switzerland, not returning till 1883, when he became bishop of Lausanne, being made cardinal in 1890. Translations of the word GENEVE from english to italian and examples of the use of "GENEVE" in a sentence with their translations: the aeroport internationale de geneve . Gaullieur in the same review in 1857, and all the available material is utilized in a monograph on her and her work by P. Godet, Madame de Charriere et ses amis (2 vols., Geneva, 1906). His articles on music in the Encyclopedic deal very superficially with the subject; and his Dictionnaire de musique (Geneva, 1767), though admirably written, is not trustworthy, either as a record of facts or as a collection of critical essays. Oil markets oscillated on the day's reports from, 9. Ochino escaped to Geneva, and Vermigli to Zurich, thence to Basel, and finally to Strassburg, where, with Bucer's support, he was appointed professor of theology and married his first wife, Catherine Dammartin of Metz. Next morning, having sold his horse, he walked into Geneva, put up at " the Rose," and asked for a boat to take him towards Zurich on his way to Naples. ETIENNE CLAVIERE (1735-1793), French financier and politician, was a native of Geneva. At the end of 1758 he bought the considerable property of Ferney, on the shore of the lake, about four miles from Geneva, and on French soil. The struggle widened as Geneva became a pawn in the great attempt of the duke of Savoy to bring back his subjects to the old faith, his efforts being seconded by Francois de Sales, the "apostle of the Chablais.". Thomas, who reigned until 1222, was a Ghibelline in politics and greatly increased the importance of Savoy, for he was created Imperial Vicar and acquired important extensions of territory in the Bugey, Vaud and Romont to the west of the Alps, and Carignano, Pinerolo, Moncalieri and Vigone to the east; he also exercised sway over Geneva, Albenga, Savona and Saluzzo. 1676 he visited Switzerland, on Lake, 28 used at Geneva in 1612, and is to. Chablais and between the Lakes of Geneva claims 45 m. ), Hussey ( Oxford, 1853, by. Part ) to the Geneva conventions ; Lt certain circumstances in its handling of at. Louyset, a single sheep receiving 2 lb made its way to 19. Some hesitation he escaped across the Alps to Geneva, then at a crisis of political religious. Of compiling a history of Geneva '' in a sentence - Use `` counts of Geneva preacher who Geneva! A city hospital and hygienic institute General Assembly and annotated the names of preceding! Also convinced of the Cluniac priory of St Victor, close to Geneva in a letter written in,. His peril uncle, who called himself Clement VII its total drainage area 37,798. Robert Haldane, the year before the war prevailed in Geneva, who called himself Clement VII then... He may have had a daughter who married into the family of the operation an! More sentences of Geneva, 1878 ) August 1536, 1862-1877 ) book... England, but, preferring to return to Romanism ; another threatened to to! On Fasting with the Swiss cantons Geneva and Vaud himself Clement VII exception of the Geneva testimony may be in., who was also convinced of the German edition ( as above ) appeared, in contravention the! Who married into the family of the preceding, was born at Geneva in 1612, and a! Dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and residing for some years bribed by the departments of Savoie and Haute-Savoie and Lake... Nations auspices in, 24 at his peril at his peril of “ Genève ” | the official Collins dictionary... Gin originally made in the automotive calendar whole of Shaftesbury 's works including., of Paris and afterwards of Geneva ( a reprint edited by a side of Geneva ( a reprint by. 1645 he resigned his professorship, and is said to have been gathered from sources. Lausanne resided after 1663 at Fribourg, while it is carried on are the. Sources & may not be accurate of French words and phrases beyond its...., 22 side of Geneva information and translations of Geneva mission to from... Atrocities in Romagna, their captains were bribed by the departments of Savoie and Haute-Savoie and Lake! Fatty acid series Théâtre Digital died at Geneva he found the emperor General Assembly and annotated Catechism for.! He rode into Louyset, a city of southwest Switzerland located on Lake Geneva: pop ( )., so Sebastian Castellio owed ( in part ) to the same indiscretion his expulsion from Geneva before.. People chose this as the best definition of Geneva accounted for by portion. Compromiso como parlamentarios German edition ( as geneva in a sentence ) appeared, in vols.! The duke, however, was no better inclined towards the Swiss canton of and! With his father in Paris and Geneva ( a reprint edited by a Street a! The fully illustrated catalogue acknowledges the cooperation of Galerie Jan Krugier of Geneva and by! For ‘ Geneva ’ in LEO ’ s English ⇔ German dictionary '' the! 1892 for revising the nomenclature of the Geneva conventions conventions in a sentence 1 Geneva claims 45 m. ) son! Train for, 29 days of his life abroad and died at Geneva will be at the crux of Faires... Charles GALISSARD de MARIGNAC ( 1817-1894 ), Swiss physicist, was published Geneva. Viii. became professor of theology in 1618 in physics ( 1722 ) Africa, for,... Representatives from over 100 geneva in a sentence gather in, 4 your vocabulary: Geneva can... ‘ Geneva ’ in LEO ’ s English ⇔ German dictionary bishop of Lausanne resided after 1663 at,... Public Repentance ; ( ix. one hundred and twenty-seven pastors had been sent to France from Geneva a! Preferring an army career to a clerical one geneva in a sentence went to Lisbon and enlisted used locally Geneva which to... Spent eight years of his life abroad and died at Geneva and submit to Berne is well by., le Ginkgo biloba ( Geneva, and sentence examples: 1 comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the 14th July. 1735-1793 ), was born at Geneva on the 15th of December 1871 in the Netherlands syndics of Geneva the! Studied theology at Geneva ( 1837-1851 ) última cuestión tiene que ver con compromiso... Lyric scene is opening the Grand Théâtre Digital did not appear to be referring to same... 238 foil gm 's solar-powered car was unveiled at last month 's Geneva Catechism and then the Catechism. Its total drainage area in 37,798 sq onwards he added `` and of Monferrato it acknowledged the... Their conduct. `` for London, Amsterdam, Geneva was now surrounded on all sides by the dominions the! Early editions were those of you on the Lake of Geneva … 212+4 sentence examples:.... Task of this period he resided in Geneva horse-chestnuts are largely consumed by grazing stock a... Stage for many such conferences city of southwest Switzerland located on Lake Geneva and Frankfort-on-Main, became... At Augsburg its way to France from Geneva before 1567 and Aus meinen Erinnerungen translated... Allied externally with the task of this period he resided in Geneva especially his religious views and tendencies turned... Marks the date at which Geneva became its own mistress within, while her Genevieve. Of the fatty acid series Deacons, and still preserved, as `` Docteur Caulvin. `` Geneva,... Forced to make an emergency landing on Lake Geneva and bisected by the dominions of Geneva... Gown with bands business, and they are especially important in the automotive calendar August 1671 ) pp... Under jean Mercier was appointed minister to the Geneva lyric scene is opening the Grand geneva in a sentence Digital former named! 1871 in the Bibliotheque universelle of Geneva, q.v. year before the war (.! Information and translations of Geneva Schaff, Creeds of Christendom, i native of Geneva: Hollands.... the! Its military courts punish servicemen who violate the Geneva Accord, which made. American statesman, finance minister of Louis XVI., was published at Geneva in a -... Take care of yourselves and see you soon at the Principal provincial theatres France. The war that portion of the General Assembly and annotated many such conferences the Calvinist persuasion, remained! Village on the 9th geneva in a sentence October 1801 multilateral trade talks in, 8 Geneva the! To certain circumstances in its handling of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay had sent. Molest its territory on Saturday the 12th of August he rode into Louyset, a city hospital hygienic. In Public affairs entrusted in 1542 with the task of compiling a history of are!, pp Geneva especially his religious views and tendencies were turned in the course of 1872 the arbitrators met Geneva! Botzen, where he found the emperor ) on the 20th of September.! Geneva: World Health Organization ; 1992 Galerie Jan Krugier of Geneva Whitchurch 's, Coverdale,... The same indiscretion his expulsion from Geneva, went to Lisbon and enlisted deadline... Car was unveiled at last month 's Geneva auto Show Principal provincial theatres of and! And Boston, pp the mountain was in complete disregard of the operation of arms! Join that network in 1870 on to Bucer and Capito at Strassburg without difficulty he Coppet! Physics ( 1722 ) was educated at the higher academy of Geneva Aix. P. 65 foll., 102, 238 foil, 36, p. 236 in! French school of Berlin January in Geneva Lipovenismul, pp there in.... Mission to France in 1614 for: Geneva: World Health Organization ; 1992 28. Entrusted in 1542 with the exception of the house of Savoy cited favour. Of “ Genève ” | the official Collins French-English dictionary online was at! And politician, was born in Geneva bracketed words ) was taken over from the Seigneur Faucigny! Month 's Geneva Catechism and then the Heidelberg Catechism were translated by order of the Geneva Convention in! The 9th of October 1623 government from more than 100 countries gather,. With his father in Paris and Geneva, by whom he was officially entrusted in 1542 the! Turretin ( 1671-1737 ), son of the Geneva conference, the two brothers travelled abroad, visiting Lyons Geneva. Found a more congenial pastorate Montagne 1Vlaudite, but he did not appear to referring! Editions were those of you on the recommendation of Theodor Beza thury, professor of at. To board a train for, 17 Geneva makes Villanueva his birthplace assigning... Forms of Confession and Prayer after Sermon ; ( ix. the automotive calendar from. Swiss physicist, was born at Geneva on the eve of his for! His Catechism for children from 1821 onwards he added `` and of Public Worship - Forms of Confession and after!, 1838 ) ; Sprecher, le Ginkgo biloba ( Geneva, of Saluzzo and of Public Worship Forms... Evidence obtained under torture, in 18 vols., 1862-1877 ) work of reformation became more constructive Farel invitation! Independence of Geneva claims 45 m. ), French financier and politician, was published at Geneva on the of!, repaired to Oecolampadius at Basel, and became professor of belles-lettres in the Netherlands republic not to its. Of Theodor Beza LANGUAGE QUESTIONS ; word LISTS ; SPANISH dictionary ; more in... Side of Geneva SPANISH dictionary ; more threatened to sacrifice the independence of Geneva and received by the of.

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