polyphosphoric acid mw

: 8017-16-1 UN NO. It was unexpected that a high temperature had to be used to overcome reaction barrier to formation. The flame-retardants of this invention were formed by the direct reaction of ethyleneamines and commercial polyphosphoric acid at an elevated temperature. Molecular weight: 337.93 Classification and serial number of dangerous regulations: GB8.1 class 815052. Product Purity: 95%, 105%,115% ... Molecular Weight: 337.93. ››Phosphoric Acid molecular weight. Polyphosphoric acid abbreviation: PPA. PREPARATION. Characteristics: PPA is colorless transparent viscous liquid, hygroscopic, non-crystallizable,corrosive, water soluble into orthophosphate acid. Molar mass of H3PO4 = 97.995181 g/mol Convert grams Phosphoric Acid to moles or moles Phosphoric Acid to grams. These compounds are found to be efficient flame retardants. : 3264 HS Code: 28092090 Molecular formula: H6P4O13 Molecular weight: 337.93 Use: As cyclizing agent and acylating agent in organic synthesis; Analytical reagent. : 3264 HS Code: 28092090 Molecular formula: H 6 P 4 O 13 Molecular weight: 337.93 Electronic structural formula: Use: serve as a cyclizing agent, analytical reagent and substitute of ortho-phosphoric acid in organic synthesis. Polyphosphoric acid PPA Cas 8017-16-1 Used in the Petrochemical Industry . Polyphosphoric Acid-95,115, 116, 117 ( PPA) Synonyms :Superphosphoric acid, multiphosphoric acid abbreviation:PPA Molecular Formula:H6P4O13 Molecular Weight :337.93 In both cases, the hydrolysis reaction leads directly to the formation of orthophosphate. The molecular weight of Phosphoric acid is determined by the sum of the atomic weights of each constituent element multiplied by the number of atoms, which is calculated to be: Base iron: grade-A inorganic acid corrosive goods, 93007. The MW preparation of polyphosphoric acid was performed in a multimode MW laboratory system (MARS, CEM Corp., USA) equipped with a fiber-optic probe for temperature measurements, a power control unit and magnetic stirring. Add: 20# Hubinbeilu,Lujiaxiang, Niutang town, Changzhou, China Zip Code: 213168 Contact: Xu Guojin Tel: +86-519-86355238 Fax: +86-519-86355239 : 550°C Freezing Point. The Phosphoric acid molecule consists of 3 Hydrogen atom(s), 4 Oxygen atom(s) and 1 Phosphorous atom(s) - a total of 8 atom(s). Chemical formula: H6P4O13 . The high molecular weight water-insoluble APP can be applied with an acrylic polymer or melamine-formaldehyde as binders. Representative Formula: H 6 P 4 O 13 Molecular Weight: 337.93 IMDG Code: GB8.1 Class 815052. UN No. Product Name: Polyphosphoric acid Tel: 0086-534-5992035 5993159 Email: cg@shian-chem.com Studies on the synthesis of high molecular weight polybenzoxazoles (PBOs) in polyphosphoric acid (PPA) and investigations of their hydrolytic stability in aqueous methanesulfonic acid are described. ... has very low solubility in water (<0.1 g/100 ml). Product Name: Polyphosphoric acid (PPA). Chemical formula: H6P4O13 . Miscellaneous – PPA is used in metal treatment and as an asphalt and bitumen additive. Molecular weight: 337.93 . Prasol Chemicals Pvt. English name: Polyphosphoric acid, PPA Molecular formula: H 6 P 4 O 13 Molecular weight: 337.93 IMDG classification and number: GB8.1 category 815052. : 3264 Appearance: Clear Colorless Viscous Liquid Specification: Product Num:Polyphosphoric Acid Classification of hazardous materials: GB8.1-815052 CAS NO. CAS No. Ortophosphoric acid Polyphosphoric acid Fosfonaates Precipitated silica Organic Polyethylengycolesvarious MW Polypropoyleneglycolesvarious MW 2Ethylhexyl Alchohl Isobutylic Alcohol Benzyl Alcohol Ammines (primary,secondary, tertiary) Anti Shrinking Agents Antishrinking agents VOC FREE Antishrinking agents on NPG base Demoulding Agents for Concrete It is widely used in many industry, like pharmacy, spice, leatherwear, chemical and so on. Molecular Weight: 337.93 (similar) Molecular Formula: H6P4O13 (similar) (polyphosphoric acid is an inorganic polymer with different polymerization degress) Structural Formula: Density: 2.05 M.P. Uses of Phosphoric Acid (H 3 PO 4)Phosphoric acid (H3PO4) has many essential applications, in particular in the manufacture of fertilizers. Many acids are derived from phosphate rocks by a wet process based on the reaction between phosphate rocks and acid solutions.1 This acid (H3PO4) is a medium-strong acid, but is also highly corrosive to ferrous or ferrous alloys. Boiling point: 300 ℃. Molecular formula: H6P4O13. Pyridine, absolute ethanol, and acetone of analytical grades (Carlo Erba France, and Labchem, USA). Ltd. Characteristics: PPA is colorless transparent viscous liquid, hygroscopic, non-crystallizable,corrosive, water soluble into orthophosphate acid. Dehydrating Agent – It is used as a strong drying and dehydrating agent.

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